Safeway comes to Lihue

This is an artistic rendering of the new Safeway that will be built in Lihue over by Home Depot and Costco.   Because of the economic downturn the  22 acre project will be done in Phases.  Phase I will include a 57,514 sq. ft. Safeway Supermarket, another store of 14,820 sq. ft. and 4 restaurants, a bank and a gas station.  Most of Phase I will be completed in 2012.  Phase II will start in 2013 and be comprised of two major retail shops, a smaller store and 3 more restaurants.  The entire project will have 1025 parking spaces, with 60% of them being built in Phase I.  During Phase II a roundabout will be built at the intersection of Kaneka and Nuhou Street, right by Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School.  This Safeway will have a gourmet food section,an organic food section, a deli, a bakery and a hot lunch counter.  This will be a great addition to our island.  Costco is great but sometimes you don’t need gallons of food and want to be able to get something special.  I can hardly wait even though I will still have to drive ALL THE WAY TO LIHUE TO  SHOP.  We hate to drive any where here on Kauai unless it is to a beach.  However, I am also glad this isn’t happening in Poipu as I don’t think we have the population to support it. 

 We are really coming along here on Kauai.  Though I love the rural nature of Kauai and the kicked back lifestyle here, it is nice to be able to go to a Costco, Home depot, Borders, Wal Mart to find things that you need.  Before we either just did without (not that that hurt us much), drove all over looking for the item or ordered it online and paid enormous shipping charges.  heaven forbid it arrived via mail and was not what you wanted, then you’d get to pay shipping all the way pack and wait months for the refund to your credit card.  Progress has its benefits.  Though I will always buy my produce from the sunshine market, that’s just too fresh to beat.


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